Can I Pull Up a Chair?

Who does Kyra think she is? Well let's see...

Professionally I am a Salon Owner, Master Stylist, Educator and Mentor. As I wear many hats, the one thing that I continuously strive to be is a pioneer in this ever so evolving industry. You may run into a few people who give the scenario of not having someone to look up to. Fortunately, I'm not of those few. I had a Ms Toni- Toni Morgan.

With starting any new venture, I get butterflies. You know the ones that are the mixture of "what the hell did I just get myself into" and "you got this girl, no turning back now". Overall I was excited, excited to start a new career path of being an official cosmetologist- not the one working out of my dorm room doing roller sets for $15 or a free ride back home for the weekend.

Ms Toni was hands on, I noticed it from the first day. But she had this unsaid "no nonsense" policy in the classroom. I liked that, because after working an 8:30 am to 5:00 pm shift and running to be in class for 5:30 pm, I didn't have time for shenanigans either.

Ms Toni was strong willed. Running her own salon studio, before the times of salon suite studios, raising six children- one being disabled and coming in to teach at the cosmo school Monday through Thursday. What!?! I knew I couldn't complain to her about anything!

I still run into Ms Toni from time to time and she always remembers me by first name, even after 8 years. I don't think I ever had a heart to heart with her, but she is a major reason why my character is built so strong in this industry. She showed me that even though some odds maybe stacked up against me, you have to push through like your life depended on it, literally.

When I head out for a motivational speech or beautifying a client, I take it on as if MY LIFE DEPENDED ON IT, no matter how many times I've styled that clent or given some encouragement. I'm here to be your Miss Toni, with some added layers of course. I build with confidence because I see no other way.

So yes, I pulled up my seat, sitting for a while and inviting you to join.

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