Kyra Hunter is a Master Stylist and Owner of Moda Deluxe Studio located in Needham, Massachusetts. She is a professionally trained and well qualified cosmetologist who focuses on a holistic approach to beauty care. For over 9 years she has refined her skills as a beautician and this has enabled her to develop a high fashion-oriented clientele. Not only is she a hairstylist behind the chair, but an active member of the high fashion community in the Greater Boston community.

Within Kyra’s styling career she has worked with and apprenticed at prominent salons in the Boston area. In 2012, she founded a budget friendly fashion blog, Chicrets Blog, that focused on fashion forward events in and around the city, thrift/ bargain finds and styling tips. The blog had hosted an annual Boston Fashion Week panel discussion for 3 years running, all while completing her bachelor’s degree in Fashion Merchandising from Fisher College. Later implementing an Educators position at the most sought-after cosmetology school in Downtown Boston. Thus, adding to her character builder and skill set as a well-rounded beauty professional enthusiast.

Though her fashion blog had come to an end, she's implemented blogging back into her personal brand of consulting. This platform encourages those in the beauty industry through speaking engagements, branding, coaching and design. She believes that her success is based on investing the time to learn what’s new in the industry and on her willingness to work closely with her clients to achieve their desired service. All of these experiences have increased her versatility and ingenuity as a beauty consultant.

Karin W., Client

So glad my friend Tiffany referred me to Kyra. Her space is just right. Kyra is knowledgeable about her craft and is an amazing practitioner.


Kerri- Lynne K., Client

Kyra is awesome and going to her is an amazing experience. Kyra walks you through what she is doing and the products she is using. She is extremely professional and the experience feels so personal.


Jennifer B., Client

Made an appointment with Kyra on a recommendation from my Son and I am happy to say he was spot on. Kyra knows how to brand. Very knowledgeable and fashion forward. Definitely will recommend her to anyone who may be looking for a styling enthusiast.